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The Home Edu Kit

The Home Edu Kit

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This kit is for the parent who wants to educate their child at home but doesn't know where to start.

In the sea of information (and disinformation) around homeschooling, how do you know what's worthwhile and what isn't? How do you know if you've got what it takes to embark on this journey?

Crafted by two professional teachers who have worked in the public Australian school system, early childhood education and care system, NDIS public health system and Australian universities...this digital download is packed with 75+ curated resource links, proprietary research, and secrets the education history wants to keep under wraps.

The information contained within (and the referrals to various podcasts, videos, websites and social media accounts) will set you up to begin your home education journey with confidence.

Built over 6 months (and 25 years of experience!), we've poured our hearts into creating something that you can rely upon for your child's successful entry to home education.

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