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The Discernable USB Time Capsule

The Discernable USB Time Capsule

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A trove of life-changing conversations, Town Halls and two years of history on one USB!

This is the best of Discernable, with 30 deep long-form conversations and 3 paid Town Halls and PDF workbooks.

A broad gamut of our best conversations is included: anti-wokeism, the foundations of free speech, banking systems that control politics, exposés on vaccine injuries and immune suppression, human organ harvesting, government 'nudge' units, religious zealotry behind veganism, the origin of human rights, heroes speaking out against lockdowns...and many more.

In both video and audio format, this beautiful gift box is a time capsule that cannot be censored, and remains relevant long into the future with practical topics and actionable Town Halls.

The bonus Town Halls are:

  • Professor Jay Bhattacharya Live in Melbourne ($15 when purchased separately)
  • Do The Right Thing: Learn Ethics with Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell ($39 when purchased separately)
  • Business Income: START and GROW a second income ($39 when purchased separately)

$93 of Town Halls and only $1.90 per longform conversation makes this incredible value that will change your life, as it has changed the lives of our team creating them over two years.

*Includes a 120GB USB stick that can be reused.



All files are compatible with all devices. To read the USB, a Windows PC, Mac computer, or compatible Smart TV is required. The files are completely unlocked and can be transferred to any device you choose.

Smart TVs vary, and will need to be able to read the most common USB format - 'exFat'. If your Smart TV uniquely requires NTFS or FAT32 format, our files can be easily copied onto any other USB drive formatted as NTFS or FAT32.

Contact us for technical support playing the files.

Please note our returns policy (faulty items only) in the link at the bottom of this page ('Refund Policy').

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